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Animoji is the newest feature which you can add to your day to day mobile chats. Are you a proud iPhone user? If so, this a great news for you. You can add more value to your iPhone because of this new feature. iPhone is the only platform which you can use this awesome Animoji feature. Animoji provides you the ability to customize your messages. Are you feed up with the boring communication tools and the long written messages? Don’t waste time to worry! Animoji came to overcome all those limits of the existing mobile communication methods and provides a wide experience for you. You can experience this feature and add expressiveness and excitement to your mobile chats.


Why Animoji is special?

There are 20 different Animoji characters which you can select when you are creating a  3D Animate Emoji message. All of them have different characteristics and you can use them in different situations. Once you select one of them, your iPhone will start the Animoji creation process with true depth camera of your iPhone. You can customize your messages with this. Animojis get animated by reading your facial expressions so you can customize your messages by changing your facial muscles according to your mood.

You have 30 seconds to record your message. After the creation process, you can share that Animoji on your mobile chats. If you want to use it again, you can save it to the photos app of your iPhone. Those saved messages can be shared on every social media and also with the android phone. Using this new feature you can create ‘Karaoke Animoji’ too. You can sing while creating the Animoji and make your own Animoji Karaoke.

Animoji and Memoji

Memoji is the latest Animoji update. It is obviously the next generation of mobile communication. By now, Animoji has only 20 different faces so you cannot expand your choice range more than 20. But with this new Memoji update, you can expand your choice rang in a limitless way. You can create your own 3D faces with this. This is a subcategory of the Animoji feature. You can find this in the Animoji App. All you got to do is get into the app and click the + button. Then you will get the interface to create Memoji and you can use the face of any person to create the new Memoji.

Additionally, you can customize the Memoji face by adding hair types, skin types, eyes, ears, facial hair, lips, nose, eyewear, headwear, and many other features as you wish. After you create a Memoji, you can add it to the existing list of characters. Memoji adds more values to the precious Animoji feature. Animoji is the most updated and most user-friendly communication tool by now. Experience it and share the joy with your loved ones.

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