Convert any PNG, JPEG and JPG Image into WebP Format

What is WebP ?

WebP can be named as a new technology, which was introduced by the Google in 2010. Simply this is an image format, which gives number of interesting features for the users. Mainly Google has introduced the WebP format specially targeted to the people who working with the web development side. Right now, this format become the most popular among all web developers. Later JPEG image format give the high quality images for the users, right now, it has been changed and WebP become the new trend, which gives high quality images with in lower image size.


More about WebP

Web developers had face many annoying issues when they are using JPEG images because its take too much time to be load and its already outdated. By the way the new trend WebP gives the ultimate use of the images. With the help of WebP format any JPEG, PNG or any other types of image files can be compress and get redact the image size upto 80% within seconds. With the help of WebP format, any web developer developed the web smoother and fast.

Browser support for WebP format

Browser support is much-needed factor for the WebP format, right now including the Opera and the Chrome web browsers are only support with the WebP format. This is the main disadvantage of the WebP currently. However, Firefox web browser announced they will support for the WebP image format as soon as possible. Nevertheless, Microsoft Edge and Safire web browsers are still silence in this point.

 What is WebP Converter?

WebP converter is the tool which convert all the JPG,PNG and JPEG images into WebP image format. WebP is well developed and its now supports for animation, ICC profile, XMP metadata, and tiling. Also WebP supports for animations, transparency, color profile and metadata those factors helpful to become more famous the WebP converter among people who working in the wed developing side. The WebP image format doest harm for the quality of the original image. It is only process is to reduce the file size and make the image smoother.

Features of WebP

Web having number of interesting features for the users. Mainly WebP converter tools is multi-platform tool, which supports to all Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Therefore, any user can use the WebP converter without any doubt. As well as there is a encoding and decoding library and most interesting feature of WebP is having libwebp, cwebp and dwebp for converting images to and from the WebP format. Right now WebP animation images are use as an alternative image for the GIF formats in the public, because it have a less file size than the GIF images.

How does WebP converter works?

WebP image format can be named as the best alternative process to use less size high quality images. The converting process didn’t harm for the quality of the image. Mainly WebP converting process in done into two methods as lossless and lossy methods.

Online WebP converter

Online WebP converter is the best way to convert any image format into WebP image format with less files and less process. As well as this process is completely free and effective. Because any user can convert any image within seconds with the help of online WebP converter.


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