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As most of us who have had some kind of involvement in downloading media from the web have already experienced, proper downloading platforms are quite hard to find and this is more so for mobile devices than for PC. There are a few widely accepted downloading applications such as Ummy Video Downloader and All Video Downloader that are designed for Android devices, but even they can sometimes suffer from the lagging download speeds and mediocre content libraries that are the common ailments suffered by most applications of the kind. However, the download VidMate application stands out form this category as a rare exception.

Download VidMate is not just another random downloader, but an advanced and sophisticated platform that lets you download all kinds of media content including songs, video clips and even movies from any one of the many online platforms supported by the application. VidMate is primarily designed for Android devices but is also supported on PC and additionally employs some of the best downloading speeds, sometimes reaching up to 5 faster than other applications of the same type. Another great thing about VidMate is that even though it is a downloading platform, it doesn’t hesitate to provide additional services such as the 200+ HD quality television channels that are included in the app. You can download VidMate from the official VidMate website and the best part is that it’s completely free!

download vidmate

Download Vidmate

Download VidMate – Key Features

As you’ve probably already gathered from what has been mentioned above, download VidMate exposes you to a myriad of convenient and highly useful features that are in part, responsible for the application’s growing popularity during recent times. Here’s a closer look at some of the plus points you’ll get to experience if you decide to download VidMate for Android or PC.

  • It’s completely free.

The VidMate application allows users to make unlimited downloads free of charge and unlike some applications, it does not levy any hidden charges of the customer through advertisements or plugins either.

  • Takes up very little storage space.

To download VidMate all you need is the apk file which is only 7.6 MB in size, so there’s absolutely no danger of the app causing storage issues on your device later down the road.

  • Has the best download speeds.

The VidMate application has been designed by employing some of the latest technology that allows it to maintain some of the best downloading speeds out of all similar applications available today. In fact, the application can generally move at up to 5 times faster than any other regular downloading application.

  • Easy maintenance for downloads

Another important feature on the VidMate app is how easy it is to manage your downloads. The app allows you to pause and resume downloads at any time without having to worry about losing your download progress and you can also change the quality of your downloads to HD or less based on your preference. Furthermore, you can access downloaded content while offline as well.

  • More than 200 HD TV channels

Download VidMate also comes with more than 200 HD quality television channels that also allow you to live to stream your favorite TV shows. Also, you can watch the latest episodes of hosted television shows just mere hours after the international telecast of the episodes instead of having to wait for days or weeks as you normally would.

  • Provides you with the best viewing experience

The VidMate application is equipped to provide you with a viewing experience filled with ease and comfort. The latest version of the application supports new video players and an environment that is not disrupted by advertisements or annoying plugins that interrupt your experience.

  • It’s simple and user-friendly.

Download VidMate is designed with user-oriented interfaces that come with exceedingly simple navigation controls that make sure that even the most novice of users don’t have any trouble finding their way around the application.

How to download VidMate on to your device.

As mentioned previously, the VidMate application is compatible with both Android and PC environments. Here are a few basic instructions you can follow in order to successfully download VidMate onto your device.

Download VidMate for android.

  • First, visit the VidMate official website and download VidMate apk file onto your Android device.
  • When downloading, make sure to set the download location to either your SD card or your internal storage based on your preference and the availability of space.
  • Once that’s done, begin the installation process and run the application.

(Note: Installation of your download VidMate application may be blocked by some Android devices. If that happens got your Settings and enable the ‘Allow installation from unknown sources’ feature on your device and try again.)

Download VidMate for PC.

The VidMate application cannot be directly run on a PC environment as it is designed primarily for Android applications. Because of this, you need to make sure that you have an android emulator that can simulate an Android environment on your PC is downloaded and installed into your device before attempting to download VidMate.

  • Therefore, first make sure to download and install a trusted android emulator like Bluestacks or Andy onto your PC.
  • Then, visit the official VidMate website and download the apk file for the PC version of the software.
  • Now, open Bluestacks or your chosen android emulator.
  • On the emulator interface, you will be able to complete the installation process for VidMate. The installation must be carried out via the emulator in order to succeed as the apk file will not run on your PC directly.

After you have completed the installation process for either the Android or PC version of VidMate, you will be able to proceed to the VidMate home screen where you can create your own account and also browse and view content as you like. There are no limitations on your account and you can always download as much as you like through your account while it is active. You will not be charged for the service either. The VidMate app is the best downloading application available to date for Android and PC, so download VidMate today and begin enjoying the benefits yourself!

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