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Through many of the earlier articles, we have discussed in detail about the WebP image format. WebP is not a very popular image format, but it is, in fact, one of the most useful image formats in web applications. Through this article, we will discuss the webP format in brief, what it is and the uses of the webP format over other image formats.


What is WebP?

WebP is a new image format. Though we call it a new format it was first introduced over eight years ago as a project by a set of developers form Google. But it did not become popular as much as they have expected which is why it is still a new concept for the users. Most of the image formats, when being used to upload images to the web, occupies a large space and causes the use of a lot of data and time to be loaded completely. This is because when the quality of the image of an image in the format of JPG or PNG increased, the size of the image also rises drastically.

To solve the issue of increased loading time of the images, Google has introduced this new format which is created by Lossless and Lossy Compression techniques. By this algorithm, the quality is retained while the size is reduced by around 20% to 30%. The two techniques are different slightly from each other, but basically, the webP format images are created.

Where do we use WebP?

There are not many applications which use the WebP format. Only a very few browsers and web applications really support the webP format. Namely, Google Chrome Web Browser and Opera Web browser support this image format.

This is one of the main reasons why most of the web developers are not using the webP image that much. However, according to the browser traffic analysis, a considerable percentage of the web traffic in windows and android are form these two browsers.
But as we mentioned, this is not supported by many of the applications. Therefore it is not supported by desktop applications either. So, what to do if we want to use an image downloaded from the web which is in this format? That is where we need webP converters.

WebP Converters

There are tools and applications which are both online and downloadable that can be used for the conversions to and from the webP image format. It is much essential to have a converter if we want to edit or open a WebP image in a desktop application such as Windows Photo Viewer or Adobe Photoshop etc.

Further, there are plugins that can be used in applications such as Photoshop, so that the webP images can be directly opened, converted and used for editing or previewing etc.

If the web developers are using the webP images, they have to first create them from other image formats, therefore, it is essential for them too to use webP converters for this conversion before uploading the images online.

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