How to Disable Game Center on Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

Apple game center is available in iphones, ipads and Mac. It’s a social game center for Apple platforms. It allows users to send game invites to friends and play multiplayer games. Also you can see game invitations, friends’ invitations and other notifications. Sometimes those notifications might be a headache for you. So you can disable all these notifications. From disabling notifications you never see game center notifications again.

In the new Game center users have to face many bugs and issues. as an example users unable to log into the game center, Can’t Get On Apps Or New Game Center Games and hard to add friends in game center. Because of these kind of annoying issues many users try to disable game center. Follow these tips to disable your Game center.

This app is most useful to those who use their iDevices for entertainment. If your not using for entertainment better to disable this app, by disabling this app you can saves your battery as well.



How to disable in iPhones and iPads?

The game center app is a part of the iOS operating system. This app you can’t remove from your device because this app come with built in with iDevice, but you can hide this app from your device.

To do the process you need to modify the game center settings.

Settings>> scroll down and tap on game center under iTunes U.
• To sign out from the game center entirely, tap the “Apple ID” field at the top of the screen and tap “Sign Out.”

If you want to stay on the game center and don’t want to receive any notifications from game center?

Disable all game center notifications.

  • Settings>> notifications>> and scroll down to game center and tap on “Allow Notifications” to disable all notifications.

This method can be named as the best way to disable your game canter app. When you disable in this way you didn’t recive any notifications from game center.

How to disable in Mac OS X

On Mac game center is available in Mac OS X. As of OS X 10.11 El Capitan, this app can’t normally be deleted because this is protected with system integrity protection.

To launch the game center in your Mac click the launch pad icon or press command + space to open spot light search and type “Game center” and press enter key.

To sign out from the game center click on the account menu and choose sign out. After signing out you won’t see any notification or anything from game center.

If you want to customize game center settings go to Account menu and select settings. From here you can disable all game center invitations, notifications, friend requests etc…

You can also customize what game center can do. In game center app click the account menu and select settings. From here you can disable game invites, uncheck allow invites and nearby players. You can also uncheck contacts and Facebook to prevent game center to recommending other accounts you should be friends with based on your contacts.

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