How to download Eye Care Switcher Application on your PC?

Do you spend half of your day in front of a computer? Then this article is especially for you. Do you know that using a computer more than 2-3 hours continuously, causes eye damage? If it is so, how do we continue our workload in the workplace? Simple, just download Eye Care Switcher on your personal computer and that will solve that problem for you. It is a very useful application for those who use a computer for the whole day. This handy application has been developed focusing on the eye health of the computer users. Most of the people use a computer at the office as well as at home. So if you are concerned about your eye health as well, the Eye Care Switcher is a must have application for your computer.

Introduction To Eye Care Switcher

Eye Care Switcher is a wonderful application comes to the computers, which lets you prevent the eye damages caused by sitting in front of the computer for a long time. Every day we spend time in front of the computer at the workplace as most of the workplaces use computers nowadays. Using computers is a huge benefit for each and everything in the modern society but, you also have to face to the consequences of using computers. Because of that people are using computers for the whole day, the health issues increase day by day, especially the eye health. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a common disease which we have to face because we are using the computers.

Giving you the best answer for this threat, the developers of the Eye Care Switcher has found a proper way to save your eyes from being unhealthy. Using this application on your PC, you can control the viewing experience more comfortable. It also helps you to keep your eyes healthy. The Eye Care Switcher comes with two main technologies to help you with the eye health, which are the Ultra-low Blue Light technology and the Flicker-Free technology. We are going to discuss these two technologies in detail from the below paragraphs.

Eye Care Switcher Technology


Threat 01- The blue light comes out from the monitor is very bad for the eye health as it can damage your eyes in a long time using. When the blue light passes through the cornea and pupil of the eye, that light’s energy will result in macular degenerations and myopia in the eye. This can cause you headaches and sleeping disorders.

The Solution from the Eye Care Switcher to Threat 01

The developers of the Eye Care Switcher have found the solution to the threat which is caused by the blue light. It has the ability to handle the blue light filter with the app itself. This includes 5 levels which are listed as below.

  • Level 0 – This is the standard mode of this application which will be activated when you got the app on your PC.
  • Level 1 – This is allocated specially for the web browsing and it can generate visuals like lifelike and minimal shift.
  • Level 2 – This level is to view photos and videos. It has an ideal balance to view images of a higher quality.
  • Level 3 – If you work on papers online, this level is the best fit for that.
  • Level 4 – This is the best level to use when you are working in front of a computer in a dim ambient light environment in the late night.

Threat 02- If you try to view a photo in the mobile view from the computer, you will be able to see the flickers in the image. A Flicker causes by the rapid on/off cycle of the LED backlights. It can see clearly when the display is set for the low brightness. When we look into the rapid on/off cycle of an LED backlight, it causes the pupil to expand and contract and it causes the eye fatigue, strain, and headaches.

The Solution from the Eye Care Switcher to Threat 02

The Eye Care Switcher has the solution for the flickers caused by the monitors too. This wonderful app has the smart dynamic backlight adjustment settings to control the flickers in the monitor. It avoids the brightness of the LED backlight flashing in high speed and increases the comfortableness to view the monitor screen. So you can work in front of the computer without causing any eye threats.

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