How to Enable or Disable Automatic Updates for iOS Apps?

Many of smart phone users update their apps manually for keep them update. But in iOS allows automatic updates as well as other items, to be updated automatically. This can be named as an advantage for users but their also negative points. Because of automatic updates you lose your mobile data without your permission. If you have a metered data connection you better to disable automatic updates. But automatic updates make your device faster and solve several technical bugs and also get many more advantages to your fingertips.

If you can allow updates through Wi-Fi that maybe a useful feature if you forget to update apps manually if so you have to update huge number of updates at once.

How to enable or disable automatic update?

• Go to settings on your home screen


• Go to iTunes and app store option and tap on this.
• Now you in iTunes and app store menu. Scroll down and find “Automatic downloads
• And here you can see the update toggle switch. From there you can toggle automatic updates on or off.
• From there you can disable or enable Music, apps, books also.
• If you want to update your apps only through Wi-Fi you can disable “Use cellular data” button by tapping. From that your apps only update through Wi-Fi.

From now on, app updates won’t automatically download and install on your iPhone or iPad, but you will have to open up the App Store every time and check for app updates, but this is far more preferable for a lot of users because its saves your data connection. But you better to check the updates section once a week to keep your device up to date.Because Apple community gives you updates to your iDevice instantly.

If you disable automatic updates of your you have to face some negative points also. When you disable app update process always waits to install an update after make sure it’s not a broken update that not contains a critical bug, then you probably want to disable automatic app updates.

How to disable automatic updates on your Mac

After introduce of iOS 7 Apple gives the feature of automatic updates to OS X. Many users love this stunning this feature because this feature is more important to users because users don’t have to check the apps update manually . But in this feature there are some negative points. When you working on this feature you have to face several bugs and remove features, or change the app into worse. Because of this errors many users want to disable this feature, Follow these steps to disable automatic updates on your Mac,

To disable automatic updates means you have to change the settings of your Mac. To change the App Store’s settings, head to System Preferences > App Store. In this sector you can see several app settings.


In this sector you can disable the features that you didn’t want. This method is very easy, you just have to uncheck the Install app updates” option. After that you didn’t receive any automatic app  furthermore.



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