How to extend battery life of an iphone / ipad

Apple devices can be named as the world leading mobile device in present. iPhones are designed and marketed by Apple Inc. the most recent iPhone models are the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, in iPhones there are errors are very minimum.In reality Apple devices have better battery life than other brands. But in heavy use iphones and ipads battery life will be shorter. However there are some tips to keep your device active for more hours of enjoyment.


Tips to Save iPad Battery Life

Background refreshing

This can be named as the biggest primary battery waster. If you can disable background and refreshing you can prevent your device from get slow down also. When turn it on it drains the battery life of your device. so turn it off to extend your idevice battery life.

How to disable?

Go to settings>> general>> then tap on the background app refresh button and disable it.

Cleaning junk files on your idevice

The cache, off line files including images, snapshots audios etc.. Which can be barrier to the speed of your idevice. Because cache and other tempory files occupies a lot of space of your device. When you initiating an app you have to wait long time to load that app. Because of that more power has been consumed. Therefore users need cleaning tool for this issue. For that you can use phone clean, battery doctor, etc..

Disable location service

Your idevice location service allows you to know where are you and give exact driving directions, helps you to find restaurants etc.. but when you using location service it will drains your battery life quickly because it needs battery power to work. If you are not using location service turn them off and save some power.

How to turn off?

Go to settings>> privacy, click location service and tap to disable the location service.

Keep your softwares up to date

Normally each software update includes new bug fixers and some of new updates and its fix idevice’s battery problems also. So you have to keep idevice on latest iOS versions and software on their latest versions.

Switch on auto lock feature

This means your idevice’s display will turn off with a short period of time automatically, from this you can save some energy on the battery.

Settings>> general>> tap on auto lock and set a time you want.

Check What Apps are Eating Up Your Battery Life

When you using a iPhone or iPad a main thing you need to check is check the apps which are having biggest battery drain. follow these steps to save your battery life,

  • First you have to go to settings of your iDevice
  • Go to general tab of it
  • Click on Battery option on that
  • Then you can see the how the apps of your idevice eats your battery life.

after see that you can do some operations for that, choose the apps which have the highest battery consume and turn off background running and notifications of that app.

Turn Off Vibrations to Save Battery Life on iPhone iPad

Becaue of vibration of your idevice it will also consumes considerable amount of your battery life specially from your push notifications If you want to turn off vibration mode of your iDevice,

You can turn off your vibration mode by tapping, Settings > Sounds > Close Vibrate on Rings,

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