How to factory reset a laptop with a recovery partition

If your laptop gets attack from a virus or get slow, forgetting your passwords, or in other sensitive case resetting to factory resetting is the best way to get your PC to the normal condition. Factory settings means revert back the computer to a fresh mood. This includes the OS with all the third-party software they like to install with it. This is a somewhat a complex process but you can do it easily by following below tips.

At present most laptops haven’t the recovery disk. But if you haven’t this is still easy way to performing a factory reset. If you didn’t get any discs in the box, then there’s a good chance your laptop has a recovery partition.

There is a hidden part of the hard drive which safely stores a complete copy of Windows, drivers and extra programs. You can use that to get your laptop into a fresh start. This guide will show you how to access and use the recovery partitions to factory reset your laptop. Before starting the process always keep in mind to recover all your personal files and details, otherwise you will lost all of them. Because factory settings which means the process will definitely remove all your personal files and information.






How to factory reset

Step 01

Backup you’re all details

Before stating the process you have to back up your all data including softwares, document files photos, songs etc… Because by performing a factory reset to your laptop it will clean your all data files. For this process you can use a backup tool.

Step Two

Start-up or reboot your laptop.

During the start up process you have to press “F key” or below list of keys to go to the boot menu. That is will changed according to the manufacture of each laptop.

Acer – Alt + F10

Asus – F9

Dell/Alienware – F8

HP – F11

Lenovo – F11

MSI – F3

Samsung – F4

Sony – F10

Toshiba – 0 (not number pad) while turning on, release key when Toshiba logo appears.

If these above key options are not allowed you should look in to the message that shown on the screen during the startup which is indicate how to start the recovery process. And you should have to look is your recovery partition is enabled in the BIOS. It’s also possible your laptop might not have a recovery partition (or it may have been deleted) so we’re making no guarantees here.

Step Four

You should have to follow the instructions that prompted on the screen. Because different manufactures use different software to restore the ‘disk image‘ from the recovery partition, so we can’t say the exact way to do the process. However, the process is almost always automatic once you’ve confirmed you definitely want to proceed, so it might be cases of waiting for 30 minutes for the job to happen in one go, but some systems restore Windows first, and then install drivers and programs automatically when Windows first boots. If that’s the case, don’t try to do anything until you see a message saying the restore has finished.


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