How to fix an Unresponsive iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Touch Screen

With releasing of the new iPhone 6s and 6s plus the advanced screen that utilizes 3D touch can be named as the most important point for best-selling of this device. These advance screens give a smart look for the device. But this screen can’t called as non-error comportment because some users have to face that their screen will freeze and touch action is disable for some seconds. If you’re running with issue check this out to solve your problem.

Here we are discussed important points to solve your  problems in Touch Screen of your iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Many of Apple users have being reported that their touch screen is not responding and not working properly as well as their screen will get into black and get frozen, This can be named as a huge mess to users.  Because without screen you cant do any work. To solve your annoying issue you just have to follow the following steps. keep in mind these tricks are only for iPhone iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

cleaning  the screen

This method is not a technical one. With the help of this you can quietly understand your problem is an internal software problem or hardware problem. Simply get some water or better to use screen cleaner for this process. Get your liquid into a soft cloth and simply wipe down your iPhone’s screen. When your doing this process be careful those liquids can harm your other part of the device.



Rebooting device

This is a primary method for solving this problem. This method is use commonly in screen issues. Simply hold your sleep/ wake button with home button for ten seconds until you the Apple icon on your screen. After that your device will be reboot.



Reset all settings

You can reset your iPhone without any data erase. Before completely restoring the device you have to try this method. If you altered any setting or have another bug in your iPhone it will resolve by this method.

  • Go to Settings>>General>>Reset>>Reset all settings



After that you have to confirm the reset. After that you device will be reboot




Restore Your iPhone As New

If you’re still with this mess you have to reset your iDevice. It might be a help for you to fix this bug. Before do the process you have to back up your all data, don’t forget that for this use iTunes or iCloud. Because it will remove your all data and media.

  • Open iCloud
  • Login with your Apple ID and Password
  • Click on “Find my phone
  • After click on all devices
  • Select the iPhone you wish to erase
  • Once you click you can see the exact location of your iPhone
  • There will be a pop up “Erase iPhone” click on that
  • Then simply erase your iPhone

How to restore from backup?

  • Turn off find my phone option on your iPhone
  • Connect the iPhone to your PC
  • Launch iTunes
  • Select your device from left side
  • Click on restore backup
  • Select the correct backup from drop down list.


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