How to reset your forgotten windows 7 password?

Passwords and PINs are used to identify who you are. Sometimes they are the only defence to protect your information against unauthorized access.Everybody who uses a computer should be assigned their own user account so that only they can access their files and programs.  When you forget or lose your password in windows 7 it’s a really headache. Fortunately there are some different easy ways to reset your lost windows 7  password. Check them out,

Using windows 7 password reset disk.

If you forget your password in windows 7 they let you to create password reset disk for free.

  • Once you enter the wrong password Windows 7 will show a reset password link
  • Click on the link
  • When appears the “password reset wizard” follow it.
  • Type a new password and verify that
  • Click finish
  • Now you can log into Windows 7

Log into an alternative account

For this method you need another account from your computer.

  • Restart your computer and go to safe mode.
  • After log into safe mode select administrator account
  • If promoted for a password press “enter” key for no password
  • If you unable to log into administrator account skip into next suggestion
  • After log into administrator account open control panel and user accounts
  • In user accounts, select the account you want to reset the password, then click change password.
  • Now create a new password or click remove the password for removing the password from your account.

Reset windows 7 password from command prompt

Resetting forgotten windows 7 password is easy when you have an another administrative account to use. If you can log into another account you can reset your forgotten password easily using command prompt.

  • Get the “Run” (Start+ R)
  • On the “Run” type “cmd” and enter
  • Type net user on command prompt and enter
  • Then all user accounts will display
  • Then type “net user username password” and enter to reset windows 7 password
  • Replace username with your desired account and replace password with your new password.

Reset password with windows password unlocker.

Windows password unlocker can be named as an easiest way for reset your forgotten password.

Follow the steps

  • Download and install windows password unlocker to a accessible computer
  • Burn a bootable CD/ DVD or a pen drive
  • Set your locked computer to boot from CDROM or USB.
  • Reset your forgotten password.

Insert the CD ROM/ USB into the locked computer. When a pop up window displays with your account names, select the locked account to reset your password.Going back to an older password

Going back an older password

If you changed your password recently and new password is lost you can go to that previous password. For that you can use Microsoft System restore to reset your password. This method is very easy and quickly. But this method can only use if there was an old password. Keep in mind that

Follow these steps to reset your password

  • Press F11 button rapidly when your computer will turn on to open System Recovery window
  • On the System Recovery window click on Microsoft system restore
  • After that you have to follow the guidelines on that.


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