How to Share Files and Folders from One Drive in Windows 10

One drive is useful app that comes with Windows operating system, this is a built in app. This can be named as a sharing app, that can you share file and data with each other. One Drive is a 100% secure app that can you use without any fear. When using One Drive app you won’t any special sign up. When you successfully install your Windows you can use this stunning feature. All the processes via in this application are easy and quickly, follow the steps to share a file easily,

Share a File or Folder from the Desktop

This is a very useful process to all Windows users. One Drive comes with Windows 8.1 integrated and couldn’t uninstall this app. When come to Window 10 One Drive comes in a stunning way because it is composed with File explorer. When sharing something via One Drive it doesn’t need internet interface always. One Drive is very useful when your sending large files because if you email them sometimes mails didn’t allow them because of its large but via One Drive you can send any files without any mess.

How to share

To share file and documents via One Drive you just have to Open the One Drive in File Explorer and select the file or folder you want to share then right-click the file or folder to reveal the context menu and click on “Share One Drive Link”.


After some time you will receive a notification as your link is now ready to share


After that, you have to type the recipient email address to send the file and paste the One Drive link in the body of the email message the shared OneDrive Link. After that you have to click on send button and your file will be succefully end to that person.

Share a File or Folder from


One Drive gives you numerous ways to have a file or folder via One Drive in Windows 10. As the easiest way to share the files and folders is create a folder in the root directory, this is easy, with the help of this you can share files, folders, pictures, videos etc. For the sharing process you have to create a folder in the root directory, inside the one drive. After creating that folder you have to imply click right click on the folder and select Share a OneDrive link.


After that process that folder will automatically share into the One Drive and with default view permission and a link to access the folder. It’s just like a URL. When you share via email or other method the shared folder will open in the web interface of One Drive using your default web browser. When you sharing in that way that folder anyone can allow with the link to access the folder.


If you want to control the audience that access your folder you just have to right click on the shared folder and select More One Drive sharing options. When you click on this your web browser will access to the sharing options of that folder. From this section you can control all privacy policies of that file or folder.

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