How to Stop Windows 10 Apps From Running in the Background

With the release of new version of Windows family, windows 10 many people have several problems regarding the operating system. After the installation of new Windows 10 many people complain about their battery, because their battery will drains out quickly. For the above reason some apps will run in the background will be a huge effect for the problem. The new Windows 10 have the permission to run on your background as well as they can update their live tiles, fetch new data, and receive notifications.


Reasons for disabling Apps from background

After the installation of new Windows 10,  several apps will start to get run on your background.That looks handy, but there are some negative points on that. With the running apps on your device background it will highly causes to your battery life,as well a it be a huge point to slow down your device because it will straightly cause for your memory as well.

Disable Specific Apps from Running in the Background


If you want to disable several apps which are running on your background that is a quick easy tasks. To identify what are the apps are running on your background you have to open the Start menu or Start screen and select “Settings.” Click or tap the “Privacy” icon in the Settings window. With this section you can disable apps one by one. Then you can select those unnecessary apps and disable. After that scroll down and find “Background apps.” There you can see all the apps which are ruining on your background. The default setting for each app has on mode. Now you can select apps one by one and disable.

Always be on mind if you disable apps from running in the background you will lose your notifications that are come from the app. As example if you disable mail app from background, it won’t notify you of new emails.

Prevent all apps from running in the background with battery saver mode


The new Windows 10 is coming up with numerous stunning features. The Battery sever mode is another one. This mode is very useful to saves your battery life. The battery sever mode is activated automatically when your battery drains up to 20%. If battery sever mode is activated no apps will run in the background unless you have to specifically allow apps to run on the background. This app is very useful if your apps are running always on your background.

Using Control Panel


As usually in other Windows editions, you can use control panel for disabling background apps your PC, This can be named as a traditional way to all Windows users, This method is very easy, just you have to go to the Control Panel by pressing  Ctrl + Alt + Delete shortcut from your keyboard. Then click on more details in the window. Select process tab, and you will see the apps which are running on your PC’s background. Then you have to select those apps which are want to disable and simply click on app and select end tasks.

With the help of above methods you can easily disable your apps which are running on your background.

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