How to Switching 32bit Windows 10 from 64bit windows 10.

When Microsoft cooperation releasing windows platform to users they release two types of Windows editions as 32bit and 64bit. These two editions have quite different properties. When you using 64bit version of Windows you need a high performance in your computer. When you upgrading 32bit version of windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 Microsoft gives you 32bit version of windows 10 to you. With that sense you have to covert that. The following article is help you for that.

The Benefits of 64bit

advanced security features

With a combine of modern 64-bit processor  and 64bit windows, users can enjoy many additional protections that Windows 32bit haven’t. These protections are very important to your system, these protections are called Kernel Patch Protection that protects your system against kernel exploits and driver related problems.

Allocated more virtual memory per process

With 32bit version of Windows it can’t give the full power of your RAM capacity to applications, modern applications like video games, several kind of editing apps need more RAM capacity but Windows 32 bit architecture can’t give full capacity to that. But with the Windows 64bit architecture they can have. When you using heavy app like Photoshop, heavy video games its important to use 64bit Windows because with 64bit is super fast and apps can take full advantage of the memory.

Can use more RAM

This can be named as a huge disadvantage of 32bit Windows architecture, because Windows 32 bit are only limited to 4096MB  (or 4GB) of RAM. This a huge mess to users, but with the 64bit of Windows is supporting 17 billion GB of RAM. This is  huge advantage for users.

How to know your PC is capable for 64bit.?

First thing you have to confirm your PC can run 64bit version. For that open settings>> select system>>select about and look at the right of “system type”.

If you see 32 bit operating system, x64 based processor then you can use 64bit windows 10 operating system. If it doesn’t say you have an x64-based processor, you have a 32-bit CPU and can’t upgrade to the 64-bit version.


How to switch?

There is no upgrade path. So you need to perform a clean install to get 64 bit version of windows 10 from 32 bit windows version.

Before do the process you need to backup your files because this process wipes your installed programmes and files. And make sure your windows 10 32 bit version OS is activated. Check that under settings>> update and security>>activation.

If you using an activated windows 10 32bit version download Windows 10 media creation tool from Microsoft.

Then select create installation media for another PC and use the tool to create a USB drive or burn a disk with windows 10. After that click through the wizard and when you asked to create 32-bit or 64-bit installation media. Select the 64-bit architecture.


After that you need to reboot your PC from installation media. And install windows 10 in normal way and when you asked to add the product key skip that process and continue. After you came to desktop windows 10 automatically check in with Microsoft and activate itself.

Now your PC is running with Windows 10 64bit edition successfully.

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