ICloud Activation Lock

What is iCloud and iCloud Activation Lock?

ICloud is the Cloud Storage of the Apple Inc. to which the Apple device users can back up or upload their files for security, easy access and storage space conservation in their Apple devices. There are millions of users worldwide who are using the iCloud as their online storage service. But other than being the storage service, it has a feature to provide the user with additional security for their information in the cloud. If the device is stolen or misplaced, there is the risk of misplacing the in important information such as photos, confidential documents, and other files. Therefore, when you activate the feature called find my phone, then the iCloud access through any device is locked. This lock is called the iCloud activation lock. You have to enter the Apple id and the Passcode of the iCloud account that was in the device to unlock the iCloud activation lock. ICloud activation lock not only locks the iCloud, but it also locks down the whole device making it unusable to whoever besides the real owner of the device or anyone with the correct credentials to remove the iCloud activation lock.

iCloud Activation Lock

iCloud removal Tool

How to Remove the iCloud Activation Lock?


Though this is a useful feature of the Apple devices such as iPhones and Apple Computers, it can be disturbing in some cases.
There are many reasons why you may need to remove the iCloud activation lock of your own device by methods such as iCloud removal services. There may be times that you get locked out accidentally of your own device, but you would not remember the credentials of the iCloud account. Then you would have to use an iCloud removal service.

Sometimes, you may buy a second hand Apple device from the eBay without removing the iCloud account. Then you would need either the owners Apple account credentials or the iCloud Activation lock removal tools to use the device properly.

Find my Phone Feature


There are many different tools that can be used to find the phone when you have lost it. Most of these tools for Android and Windows are third-party applications or apps provided by the device manufacturers. But for iPhone users, it is not essential that they install such apps. Because in default with the iCloud they get the same feature as find my phone. This is the feature which can even be activated remotely when you have lost the device and it enables the iCloud Activation Lock.

This feature once activated, shows the location of your device on a map if it is online. This feature is available for Computers, iOS devices and even the Apple watches which have been paired with the iPhone prior to being stolen. Further, iCloud activation lock prevents the misuse of the personal information once being stolen by others. All you have to do is logging to your Apple account using the correct credentials from the nearest device you have access to, and activate the find my phone feature quickly.

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