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Do you know that every iPhone has an iCloud account which is a safety precaution taken by the Apple manufacturer? Especially, this iCloud will help Apple users to prevent any other external party getting into their device. However, this same iCloud account which is used to ensure the safety of Apple phones can be agitation for second hand iPhone customers. Basically, because of the previous iCloud of the previous owner, they can not log into the device even after paying money. Don’t get disappointed and lose your hope in buying a second-hand iPhone because of this! You can still log into an iPhone even it’s a second hand one but before that, you need to remove the previous iCloud account in your phone. That process is known as iCloud Removal or iCloud Unlock which will be discussed in this article.

iCloud Removal

What is the purpose of iCloud Removal?


The key purpose of iCloud Removal is to unlock and remove the iCloud accounts in iPhones and iDevices such as iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone x, iPad and etc when the users can’t get log into them because of the lack of iCloud password and ID.

What are the features of iCloud Removal?


When talking about iCloud removal, the main feature is that you will find that there are many service providers and methods to get your iCloud account removed. For example, below are some such popular service providers and methods where you can remove iCloud accounts.

  • iCloudremovaltool.com
  • CellUnlocker
  • iPhone IMEI
  • iCloud Bypass Tool
  • Free iCloud Account/Apple ID Removal

There are many different features in each of these methods. For example, CellUnlocker is the fastest iCloud Removal service and its customer service is also very responsive and cheerful. Anyway, there are many features in each of these methods which cannot be discussed here now.

However, through iCloudremovaltool.com IMEI method, it will be quite easy to remove iCloud Account because just by supplying the IMEI number of your phone, it will be able to remove the iCloud account. It is also considered as the safest method of iCloud Removal.

How to do iCloud removal by iCloudremovaltool.com IMEI method?


First, you can visit any reliable IMEI method service provider such as the official iCloudremovaltool.com website. Then, what you should do is to provide IMEI number of your phone. Here, you can find your IMEI number by dialing *#06# or by going to Settings -> General -> About -> then Scrolling down the settings. After that, select the model of your device and then click on “Unlock now”.Then, iCloud will be removed though it may take some time based on the speed of your model.

What are the issues found in iCloud Removal?


iCloud Removal takes some considerable time to remove the iCloud account and wastes your valuable time as a result of that is one of the major issue identified with this. Apart from that, you may find that some iCloud Removing service providers are very much expensive that you may feel like buying a brand new iPhone is better than wasting money to remove the iCloud in a second-hand device.

However, if you are purchasing a second hand iPhone, iCloud removal is a must for the user cannot be logged into the device without removing the previous iCloud account.

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