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When it comes to rooting your Android device, the best tool is Magisk Root? Magisk root is regarded as a systemless root method that has developed by XDA developer Topjohnwu. Rooting your Android device using Magisk root is easy and Installing this application is absolutely free. So, keep reading this article because this is the best tool for rooting android devices.

Magisk Root

What is rooting?

Sometimes, the term “rooting” would be unfamiliar for you. Rooting a device means the process of getting the root access for your Android system code. Simply it means, by rooting your device you can install numerous innovative software and applications that manufacturer typically doesn’t allow you to download. Thus, by rooting your device, you can get the best features and performance to your phone which are inaccessible for normal Android devices. Therefore, rooting means overcoming limitations that have set by the hardware manufacturer.

Why Magisk root is special?

There is a number of tools that are available for you to root your device. However, we can assure you that Magisk root is the best. There are some applications that do not typically work on rooted devices. For an example, banking applications do not work on rooted phones. What happens if you want to use such applications for an emergency. Surely, you would unroot your device. However, no one likes to root and unroot a phone again and again in such situations. So, the solution is Magisk root. It is because, this amazing application hide the root from your device when you are using applications that typically don’t run on rooted phones. Therefore, you need not rooting and unrooting your device again and again if you have Magisk root in your device.

Do you know this amazing application can help you in playing Pokemon Go game? This popular game doesn’t run on rooted devices. So, if you have a Magisk tool, it will surely hide the root from your device by allowing you to play it as usual. Thus, this rooting tool is special than other rooting applications because it hides the root from apps, to give you a quality experience with Magisk root.

Features of Magisk root

This amazing rooting tool doesn’t do any change in your system files. It means this tool doesn’t add additional files into your system partition. Simply, Magisk modifies your system partition without changing it completely.

  • Un-rooting your device automatically when using apps that don’t work on rooted phones.
  • You can download Xposed framework on your device.
  • OTA updates can be easily installed on your Android device.
  • Unroot feature is available. If you want to unroot your device, you can do it any time with the help of this amazing tool easily.
  • The fastest and a user-friendly Android rooting tool.
  • Downloading and installing Magisk root is absolutely free.

How to download Magisk root?

Step 1- Download Magisk root on your Android phone.

Step 2- Save it in the internal storage.

Step 3- Boot your device into recovery mode.

Step 4- Click on “Install”.

Step 5- Navigate the Magisk zip file on your SD card or on your internal storage.

Step 6- Then, install the zip file. It will take some time.

Step 7- After installing it, reboot your device and check whether it works on your phone.

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