iOS 9.3 features and preview

iOS 9.3 is the latest update that have being released by the Apple community. After the release of iOS 9.2 to the public many users have forces on next update of Apple, because of some negative points are found on iOS 9.2. Still iOS 9.3 is in beta version but users can enjoy the new stunning features of it. According to the rumors the new iOS 9.3 update has being released to the public on mid of this year. After the public release of new update users can use the most below exciting features from your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

The new iOS 9.3 update can be considered as the most stunning and biggest incremental update to all Apple users, because this update is a result of huge number of experiments by the Apple community. The new iOS update gives more user experience to iOS 9.3 users. iOS 9.3 update comes with lot of bugs fixers, and minimum of negative points to the fingertips of users.


How to transfer to iOS 9.3

According to the Apple community there are two main ways to get the new iOS 9.3 update. If you’re a developer, you can get the new update straight from the Apple developer center and other way is you can grab the new update from the Apple public Beta Software programme. Users can use these both methods without any debut.

New features in iOS 9.3

Night Shift

This can be considered as a most awaited feature to all Apple users. And also very helpful feature to users. It mostly helpful to users who using iDevices at night. With the help of this new feature you can use your iDevices without any damage to the eyes. With the help of this, users can adjust Display & Brightness settings in advance ways than other iOS updates. In this new feature, iOS 9.3 users can enable Blue Light Reduction in the Display & Brightness settings, after enabling this feature the harmful blue color turns into charming yellow mixed white color.

Multi-user support

iOS 9.3 update 1st introduce the multi tasks experience to users. This is really stunning. This feature is mostly important for students. Apple has specially named this new feature as “iOS in Education.” With this new feature students can share the iPad experience at school and always it comes with Photo IDs to signify profiles and simple passwords for students so this feature can be considered as 100% secure.

Password Protection

This feature is the most awaited feature by all Apple users. There’s no any doubt about that. After the release of iOS 9.3 this feature is firstlyt introduce to the users, this is just like in Android. This is really like a usual app locker but iOS 9.3 introduce this feature in an advanced way. Before iOS 9.3 update users have to face numerous difficulties to protect their personal data and intro. But after the new update it is really easy and users didn’t use any more annoying third party apps for this process. Under iOS 9.3 users can protect the secret information by using touch ID’s, passcodes and finger prints.

Siri in more languages

Apple users know siri very well. Siri is the personal assistance in your iDevice, with the help of her features users can do many things. Before the iOS 9.3 update there are some negative points of it, not supporting some regions and languages. But after the release of iOS 9.3 Apple community solve some bugs on it. iOS 9.3 adds support for Malaysia (Malay), Finland (Finnish), and Israel (Hebrew) and some other regions.


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