iTools 4 – Best iOS data Transferring App

An alternative for the iTunes?


Through this article we are going to discuss the iTools 4. iTools 4 is the latest version of the iTools application series. First, let’s find out what iTools is. iTools was first developed by the Think Sky technologies in 2011 as an alternative device management application for iOS devices with the intention of providing a better device management experience to the users than the iTunes.

But why not iTunes?

iTunes is the default device management application of the iOS devices provided by the Apple Inc. It is very much essential in the activities of the iOS devices such as the iPhones, iPad, and iPod. iTunes can handle the applications, media files and other operations of the iOS devices. This is required when you install or uninstall any of the applications from the device as well as in the usage of the iTunes media store to download the media files. But the issue of the iTunes is that it is targeted for the high-end advanced and tech-savvy users. This leaves the ordinary users much confused by the applications of the iTunes. Therefore, many users look for an option to solve these issues as well as to effectively manage their devices without any flaws just like iTunes. So, iTools is the only such application to provide all the intended features. iTools 4 is not only the easiest to use device management application, but also the best solution to the issue of complex interfaces. iTools interface design is easy to understand and use. This is because it is much like the Windows Explorer interface, which is very simple and easy to navigate.

iTools 4 Download

Further iTools consists of almost all the features provided by the iTunes application and many additional improved features that are not found in iTunes. There are two separate versions of iTools 4. They are iTools for Windows and iTools for Mac to suit the two different Operating Systems of the Personal Computers. Both of these are having the same range of features and facilities. Also, they are compatible with the latest versions of the respective Operating Systems. Further, iTools 4 is compatible with the latest versions of iOS devices such as the iPhone X which is powered by the iOS 11.4. the iTools latest version is the iTools which was released in June 2017. This version consists of many advanced features than iTools 3.

Some such advanced features include,

  • Easy transfer of media files across the iOS devices and the Personal computer.
  • iTools application manager that can control the other applications, application icons etc.
  • iTools Battery Master that helps the users to control the background applications that uses the battery life in the background.
  • iTools Ringtone Maker.
  • iTools Device optimization tools etc.

When it comes to iTools, it is a very lightweight application. iTools uses a small battery life during the background processes such as the file transfers. Further, it uses less storage space for sharing files. It does not create separate folders in the storage for each file that is shared from the iOS device.

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