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What is iTools 4?

iTools 4 is one of a great alternative for the iTunes and it will help you to manage major settings on your iDevice without using iTunes. As you know that the iTunes is required a lot of resources for a run on a PC even for simple data sharing. That’s the main reason why it became very annoying and complicated software for the iDevice users to work with it. Therefore the iTools team was introduced the latest version of iTools, the iTools 4 and now it is the most powerful software for iDevices management.


 iTools 4 is very powerful, user-friendly and totally free software. It doesn’t need hard installation on your PC. You can download the software and run the application with a simple number of clicks. Also, this is an offline software. This tool will easily help you to manage media, pictures, e – documents or any other files on your iOS device via a Windows or Mac PC. Also, you can backup and restore your folders and settings.

Why iTools?

There are many reasons why iTools 4 become a very satisfied alternative for the iTunes. iTunes is a complicated software to use and it has a huge working process. But the people who want to use easy and simple applications for doing their things fast the iTools is the best tool for making it a reality.

When the developers on iTools introduced their first version of iTools, it was great news for the iDevices lovers. Then today, those iDevice users definitely are fully satisfied with this tool as it is very powerfully and also it has an easy process to handle.

What can do with iTools?

Up to now, the iTools 4 is the most famous iDevices’ applications managing software. Even apps and data managing is the basic objective of the iTools but it can do something more than it.

Here are some other features that iTools will provide you.

  1. iTools Application Manager: -This will allow you to install, uninstall and browse your iPhone memory through the iTools.
  2. iTools Media Manager: -Under this category, you can manage your media files like music, videos, ringtones etc… you can import and export any media files between any iPhone or PC and manage them.
  3. iBook Supporter: -You can add iBook files and manage them via iBook supporter.
  4. iTools Battery Manager: –iTools battery master will manage your battery health, capacity, temperature, voltage, electric current etc.
  5. iTools Data Migrate: -This will help you to share your old iPhone’s data into the new iDevice. You can share any document such as photos, videos, PDF, etc…
  6. iTools Backup and Restore Feature: –iTools backup and restore feature will help you to backup old data from your iDevice with some easy steps.
  7. iTools Image Tool: -You can preview images via iTools image tool. It will help you to share your images with iDevices and Windows.
  8. iTools Air Player: -iTools air player can share you iDevices’ screen with your friend or family member’s device when you are away from them. Also, you can play games from the iTools air player.
  9. iTools Ringtone Maker: -You can make any ringtone that you want from the iTools ringtone maker using any soundtrack or video clip.
  10. iTools Icon Arranger: – iTools icon arranger will help you to arrange your icons on the iDevice

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