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This article is on the iTools iOS 11.4 version which is compatible with the latest iPhone X. iTools 4 is the alternative device management application for iOS devices. The most common and default device manager in iOS devices is the iTunes. iTunes is a media store which was first introduced by the Apple Inc as a platform to download music files. But later, it evolved into a multimedia platform. iTunes is now one of the basic applications of downloading all kinds of media files and applications into the iOS devices. iOS devices are of many forms. But all those mobile devices are having iTunes. Aside from handling media files, iTunes act as a media handling application and an application management application.

But there is one main issue in iTunes. iTunes has an interface which is complicated to handle. Users find it difficult to learn to use iTunes due to the complexity of its user interface. This leads most iOS users to move towards iTools iOS 11. the iTools application was introduced in 2011. The developers of the iTools are the ThinkSky technologies. It is a licensed software provided through their official site. But there are so many sites which provide the cracked, free version of the application. iTools have undergone many revisions. The latest version available is the iTools 4. iTools was released in May 2018.

All the latest iTools versions are iTools iOS 11.4 supported versions. Therefore, you can use the iTools 4 to replace the iTunes in your new iPhone X. There are many advanced features in the iTools 4 iOS 11.4 version. Certain features of iTools are much more advanced than the features in the latest version of the iTunes. But at the same time, there may be some disadvantages as well in the use of iTools instead of iTunes. One such disadvantage is need of much time to connect your pc to the mobile device. iTools take a longer time to connect to your iPhone than the iTunes. Further iTools is used to replace iTunes. Therefore, iTunes is uninstalled from the device before installing the iTools iOS 11.4 version. This leads to a restriction of access to iTunes media store. iTunes media store is only directly accessible through the iTunes application. But still, if you have backed up any songs into the iTunes store, those are accessible through the iTools application.

iTools come in two separate versions. These versions differ with the operating system of the personal computer. The two separate versions are iTools 4 for Windows and iTools 4 Mac. Both of these are compatible with the latest versions of the respective operating systems. iTools let the users control their media files and the other applications through their personal computers. Therefore, the device manager is much less complicated. iTools let the easy transfer of media files among the devices. The coolest feature is the very user-friendly interface. An interface of the iTools is closer to windows explorer interface. Further, iTools can handle the other applications in iOS devices. The installation and uninstallation of applications are easily managed by the application manager of the iTools.

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