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Nowadays images play a major role in media and specifically the impact of images in social media is quite too high. On the other hand, images are some people’s earnings and therefore, rather than an ordinary social media user they might be very well concerned about the formats of the images that they are using for their works.


Therefore, today, in this article we are going to bring you an interesting article about an image format which is known as WebP. Some people have already started working with this amazing image format and familiar with it right now. Do not worry even if you don’t! We are here to bring everything about this fabulous image format so that you can use it for your works next time!

Brief Introduction to WebP

JPG, PNG, GIF can be shown as the most popular and standard image formats that are used by many people. They have got a name and reliability over a long period and mostly from the day when the internet has become popular among the people back then. Comparative to them, WebP is quite a new image format that was introduced and released into the web quite recently.

Especially, WebP wan created and released into the web by Google Inc as an alternative image format that web users can use for their works, Their main focusing point of introducing this WebP format was to create images smaller in size.

When it comes to an image, the size of the particular image matters very much. Especially, you know that large image files are difficult to transfer and use for digital works. Therefore, many web developers and digital marketers want to create images with smaller sizes that will be convenient for their works.

So, if you are such a person who wants to create an image with a reduced size, WebP will be a good option for you!

Why WebP?

As mentioned previously, WebP is quite new to the world of image formats. However, despite that, many web developers and digital marketers have grown tendency to use WebP images for their works and why is it so? Now let us explore!

Lossy compression

Lossy Compression is an advanced feature that will help you to give a smaller sized image. So, WebP uses this technology to give you a smaller sized image and even PNG and JPG also uses this technology, WebP can give you an output of 26% reduced image size for you than them.

Lossless Compression

Normally, people believe that if the size of the image is too small, the quality of the image will be also reduced. This happens in JPG and PNG images because they only use the lossy compression. Unlike them, WebP uses lossless compression meanwhile using the lossy compression so that when lossy compression makes the images smaller, lossless compression will maintain the original quality of the images.

Animation Compatibility

WebP is an image format that has high compatibility in animations. So, if you are developing animations, WebP will be the best solution for you than using JPG OR PNG!

How to convert images into WebP?

Already interested to use WebP images for your works?

Do not worry, if you search the web, you can easily find many image converters that are available both online and offline that can convert any type of image into WebP!

Zamzara, Convertio are two such famous online WebP converting image converters that you can use so that you can convert your images just by uploading them into them.

You can also use Adobe Photoshop to convert image into WebP but you will have to get WebP Photoshop plugin to do that!

This is all about WebP! Hope this gave you quite interesting things about WebP and do not forget to share this among your friends as well!

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