Online WebP Converter

What is Online WebP Converter

Through this article, we will discuss an important tool named Online WebP Converter. Online WebP Converter is used for the conversion of images from the WebP format to the usual formats or to convert other image formats to the WebP format. Most of the tools available are Online WebP Converters, while some of them are downloadable plugins or applications.

Online WebP Converter

Online WebP Converter

What is WebP?

Before going for the discussion about Online WebP Converter, we should first see what WebP is. Most of you may not be familiar with the term because it is not as common as other image formats such as JPEG or PNG. The main reason for this is that WebP is supported by only a limited number of web browsers and other web-based applications. Though it is not a common format, it is, in fact, a very useful format.

Importance of web lies basically in the size of the image. WebP is created by encoding other image formats such as JPEG, PNG or GIF. During this encoding process, the size of the original is dramatically reduced. But, the quality of the image is not at all affected during this encoding. Therefore, this process is known as a compression process using the algorithms which are specific for the image type.

For this encoding process is fully reversible, we can convert the images back to the original formats. This is where the Online WebP Converter comes into use.

What is Online WebP Converter?

If you are a web developer, then you must be frequently uploading images to the web pages you create. But the practical issue is to reduce the size of the image so that it can fit in a simple HTML – CSS web page. Therefore, you can Online WebP Converters to convert the images of other formats to the WebP format.

When you want to download a certain image from the web, if it is WebP image it can be downloaded, but cannot be opened by Windows Photo Viewer. Even it is not editable by the Photoshop or any other photo editing tools. Therefore, you can use an Online WebP Converter to convert the images you have downloaded to its original formats which maybe JPG, PNG etc.

WebP Compatibility

WebP format of mages are compatible with two main web browsers as,
Google Chrome
Opera Web Browser. Other than these certain web applications are also compatible with the WebP format.

About the Developers

WebP image format was developed by a group of Google Developers with the intention of reducing the size of the web pages and thereby to speed up the loading of web pages with quality and attractive web pages. There is another successful project of theirs to convert Videos and other media to a smaller sized file in the WebM format.

They have also developed a set of tools which has the same functionality as the Online WebP Converter and many more such as the source code of encoding the images into the WebP format.

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