Problems and issues with Windows 10 and Solutions

Problems and issues with Windows 10 and how to fix them

Windows 10 is the latest version  that released by Microsoft to the public and it will be the last version of Windows family . This new version is fully rich with many stunning features to users. Great looking new start menu, Cortana, great multi-tasking and number of new features added to windows 10. Still early days of being released the Windows 10 so some softwares are not perfectly out.

We have discussed other common issues that Windows 10 users are reported.

Problems and issues with Windows 10 and Solutions

Wi-Fi connectivity problems

Many windows 10 users complaining about their Wi-Fi connection is dropping down and it won’t reconnect.This is a huge problem to users, check out this solutions to your problem.


  • If you have trouble with connecting to Wi-Fi it might have a driver problem. Check your network adapter and make sure that you have the latest driver.
  • Make sure you have latest firmware in your router
  • Make sure that the connection connects automatically if not checked for the network you want to connect.

Settings>> Network and internet>>Wi-Fi

Blue screen of death

This issue happens because of system crashing. Showing only the infamous blue screen of death this issue is not a positive thing for your PC or sometimes it may be of your VGA card. That is not because of Windows 10. So you can check this solutions to your problem if its because of Windows 10.


  • You should reset your PC. For do that find the recovery section in the PC settings and search reinstall in the search tool inside the start menu then click on “Remove everything and reinstall windows”

Cortana is not working

Cortana is a personal assistance that comes with Windows 10 built in. Some windows 10 users have been trouble to getting Cortana to work. Some people getting warning massages that Cortana is not available in their region or language. Others have found Cortana is not by default or not working properly.


  • Make sure Cortana is enable go to start>>Cortana and check whether it is enable or disable
  • Make sure language is one of these- English(UK), English(US), Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, or German and also need to sure country or region to be UK, USA, China, France, Germany, Italy or Spain

Bluetooth not working

Windows 10 users have complained about having a trouble to getting Bluetooth to work properly. This could have trouble to connect keyboard, mouse, headphones, and other Bluetooth devices connect to your computer via Bluetooth.


  • Go to settings>> devices. After make sure that Bluetooth toggled on.
  • Make sure your drivers are up to date especially if your jump straight from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Can’t play DVD’s

With the release of new Windows 10 it will launched without a DVD player app, this can be named as a huge negative point for Windows 10 users. If it a problem when you using DVD’s in your PC.


For this annoying issue Microsoft will introduce a solution for users. If you were upgrade Windows 10 from Windows genuine version of Windows 7, 8.1 through  their Windows Media center you can find Windows Media center in your app store, so you can download it free to your PC.


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