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Introduction for SuperSU Pro 2.82

SuperSU Pro, which can be known as the most essential rooting tool for any Android device right now. Over millions of users have been using this tool at this moment. Without any negative review, SuperSU Pro gets the prominent place among the all-Android rooting tools. SuperSU Pro is a great piece of work by the chainfire group, when point on the developer chainfire, they can be named as the most leading root developers which available in the public right now. CF Auto Root, TriangleAway and CF.lumen Are the other great works done by this great developer. In this time, also SuperSU Pro developed under a stunning procedure. Moreover, SuperSU Pro latest version SuperSU Pro 2.82 version also released to the public as well. With the release of the SuperSU Pro 2.82 version to the public most of the Android versions can be rooted with the help of this stunning tool. Moreover, this stunning version is a combination of a great features and performance.

More about SuperSU Pro

SuperSU Pro is a multi-functional rooting tool. With the help of this tool any user can gets lots of benefits for a single user.  With the help of this stunning tool, any user can manage all the root permissions of the apps, which are installed in the rooted Android device after the rooting process. With the help of this process, any user can manage the device from unknown files and threats, which can cause for the rooted Android device. So simply SuperSU Pro can be named as the best SuperUser Access Management tool in the future. Moreover, this is the only rooting tool which gives this types of multi features for the users.

SuperSU Pro 2.82 Latest Version

SuperSU Pro latest version SuperSU Pro 2.82 is already in the public right now. With the release of the new SuperSU Pro update to the public, most of the Android users can get the root access to the Android devices without any doubt. SuperSU Pro always give the best rooting experience for the Android root lovers. In this time also SuperSU Pro gives the best rooting experience for the end users. Right now number of new stunning features have been introduced to the users via the latest version of SuperSU Pro. With the help of those new SuperSU Pro 2.82 features any user can get the maximum experience of the rooting process.

  • Superuser access prompt.
  • SU access logging and notifications.
  • Per-app notification configuration.
  • Temporary unroot.
  • Deep process detection (no more unknowns).
  • Works in recovery (first of all, no more segfaulting).
  • Backup script to survive CyanogenMod nightlies.
  • Icon selectable from 5 options + invisible.
  • Theme selectable from 4 different options.
  • Launch from dialer: *#*#1234#*#* or *#*#7873778#*#* (*#*#SUPERSU#*#*).
  • OTA survival mode (no guarantees).
  • Full color-coded command content logging (so input/output/error).
  • Per-app logging configuration.
  • Also, per-app user override.
  • Grant/deny root to an app and set amount of time.
  • Finally, per-app PIN protection.
  • Adjust auto-deny countdown.

SuperSU Pro 2.82 Changelogs

  • (systemless): Add deep sleep fix for Samsung 5.1+ because of a bug
  • supolicy: Adjust Samsung 6.0 init shell
  • Patch recovery SELinux policy
  • ZIP: Improve su.img mounting

SuperSU Pro Download and Install

Right now SuperSU Pro 2.82 is compatible to all Android versions including the new Android Nougat and Android Oreo versions. In addition, this is the only rooting tool which is compatible to Android Oreo version. Any user can download this SuperSU Pro 2.82 version free of charge right now. So without any doubt any use can get this rooting tool for a better rooting experience.

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