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SuperSU Pro, which is the best Android rooting tool ever. This is a great invention by the chainfire group. SuperSU Pro is also known as the best SuperUser access management tool of the future. When comparing with other rooting tool SuperSU Pro is at the higher point because of the stunning performance and the features of this amazing tool. Not like other rooting tools SuperSU Pro features can be named as the most elegant features for the end users, in some rooting tools the end process is a completely a mess and sometimes it will harm for the data of the devices, but if you using the SuperSU Pro rooting tool these issues are not a mess for anymore.


Why SuperSU Pro is using?

In default, Android devices are come with strict restrictions, which try to control the user by customizing the operating system as well as run third party apps in the device. With those strict restrictions, users are stuck in the same place and they have not any way to go beyond it. In this annoying issue Chainfire released the SuperSU Pro application to break those restrictions and make the device user-friendly. With the help of this amazing tool, any user can break those restrictions easily. This is completely user-friendly tool, which can be used by any user without any prior knowledge about Android rooting.

Special Features of SuperSU Pro  

The SuperSU Pro rooting tool is also known as the SuperUser access management tool of the future. Which means with the help of this stunning tool any user can grant or deny any root permissions, which ask for the apps, which installed in your Android device. It also helps to protect the device from unwanted files and threats which will caused for the device. Also SuperSU Pro rooting tool have the pin protection mode to protect the device from unwanted things, chainfire always thinks about the security level of the device so on this amazing tool is at a higher place in security.

Easy unroot – With the help of this feature any user can unroot the device within a moment by just taping on the unroot option without losing any data or harm to the device.

Temporary unroot – This can be named as a unique feature of SuperSU Pro rooting tool. With the help of this feature, any user can unroot the device for a while and it’s like pausing the rooting process. While using this feature it will never harm to the device, with the help of this feature users can use the both root and unroot features of the same device.

Compatibility of SuperSU Pro

Right now Google Inc has been released the next chapter of Android family as Android 7.0 Nougat. This can be named as the best ever-Android version, which has been released by the developer. With the update of the Android version chainfire has also strikes again and released the next level of SuperSU Pro version which is now compatible to Android Nougat firmware. This is invent by without changing the system partitions so any user can download and install the SuperSU Pro tool without any doubt.

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