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SuperSU Root is the best Android rooting tool right now. This is a great invention by the chainfire group. SuperSU Root is also known as the best SuperUser access management tool right now. According to the statement of Chainfire group SuperSU Root is the best ever invention done by them among CF Auto Root, Triangle Away and CF.lumen. Moreover, SuperSU is also considered as the most popular rooting tool right now. 100 Millions of Downloads from the Google Play Store proves the popularity of the SuperSU Root. SuperSU Root Apk is a completely free tool for the rooting process. Also a completely user-friendly tool, which can be use without any prior knowledge of rooting or any other technical knowledge.


What is Rooting?


Rooting is a complex process that removes all the restrictions of the Android firmware and make the user free for download any kind of apps and do the customization in the operating system according to the choice of the user. Mainly rooting process is done by the users who want to run different kinds of apps and do the heavy customizations in the operating system. Right now there are number of rooting tools available in the rooting community. However most of rooting apps are in the stage of beta or the end process is a real mess. Nevertheless, SuperSU Root Apk is quite differ from the other rooting tools. Because it is well developed and the end process result is at the best.

SuperSU Root compatibility


Recently chainfire has released the latest SuperSU Root Apk v2.89 to the public. Which is now compatible with the new Android version Android 7.0 Nougat firmware. Android Nougat firmware is composed of number of new features to the users. With the releasing of the new SuperSU Root update, SuperSU root is compatible with the all-Android versions. Chinfire released the SuperSU Root Apk V2.89 without modifying the system partitions. So we can surly say SuperSU Root Apk V2.89 will be a huge milestone for Android rooting world as well as the developing team chainfire.

SuperSU Root features


SuperSU Root is composed of number of stunning features for the SuperSU end user. Those stunning features helps to hit the peak of the popularity of the tool.

Some major features of SuperSU Root


  1. Easy to unroot and temporary unroot
  2. A clean design & approach
  3. A clean system partition
  4. Excludes unnecessary things, which are not essential on Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  5. Easier OTA’s because of reflashing boot image
  6. Most importantly, if you do not have correct compatible kernel installation, SuperSU does not soft brick your device.

Easy and temporary unroot

This can be named as a major feature of SuperSU Root. If your mess with the rooting process user can easily unroot the device with in one click. This can be named as a unique feature of SuperSU Root. Moreover temporary unroot also can be named as a major feature of SuperSU Root. With the help of this feature user can use both root features as well as unroot features of the same device. Because user can pause the rooting process for a while.

Download SuperSU Root

SuperSU Root is composed of two major file types as SuperSU Apk and SuperSU Zip. The SuperSU Zip file is the most wanted file for the rooting process. Without the Zip file any user can’t process the rooting process. The Apk file is only needed after the rooting process. SuperSU is the Apk file and it is needed to manage all the SuperUser access management of the rooted device. With the help of this SuperSU Apk file user have the opportunity to allow and deny all the root access of the rooted Android device. SuperSU Root is completely free tools. So any user can download SuperSU Root zip files without any cost of charge.





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