The Best Safari Tips for iPhone and iPad

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple. This 1st released on 2003 with Mac OS X Partner. With the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 a mobile version for Safari was introduced and this became the default browser for iOS devices. And also Safari is now available for Windows also.

In present safari became a popular and user-friendly browser. Here are some tips for safari users.

Private browsing

Private browsing is a very important feature for any browser. It protects your private details and block annoying web sites. When you using private browsing via safari browser it didn’t saves your history of your searches and auto fill information.

To enable private browsing on your iDevice open a new menu and tap on the private button on the bottom of the page. If your browser turns to gray color that’s mean your now on private browsing.



Enable reader view

When you reading articles and text from your iDevice reader view option will be a great help for you. Because when you reading those texts you will get rid with numerous ads, banners and videos. Those are annoying. With help of reader view option you can read articles without any barrier.

To enable reader view tap on the reader icon on the browser.



Enable ad blocker

It’s hard to find people who enjoying mobile ads. Because mobile ads became a barrier to view a post sometimes. For this trouble safari browser introduce ad blocker system to your bowser now. For that you have to download ad blocker app from apps store first. After download the app blocker go to settings>> Safari>> content ad blocker and enable the ad blocker that you download to your iDevice.



Restrict web sites

With the help of parental control system safari users can restrict certain websites from loading on the iDevice. For restricts web sites on your iDevice go to settings>> general>> Restrictions>> and Allowed content find web sites and adjust your settings. And you can create a passcode as well. With the help of this feature you can

  • Blacklist certain websites
  • Allow access to specific websites only
  • Limit Adult Content



Access all Passwords

If you forget your passwords of facebook, instagram or any other sites don’t worry. With the help of the safari browser you can easily find your passcodes and usernames. You can find it from Settings>> Safari>> Passwords and enter in your passcode/Touch ID. A list of sites and will be provided for you. Tap on one to view the password and/or user name.

Sharing web pages

Safari browser mainly give several kind of web page sharing methods.When comparing with other browsers Safari gives you lot of facilities. To do the  sharing process open the sharing tab by tapping tapping the button on the bottom toolbar to see two rows of icons. In that tool bar top rows shows your web pages which can be share with, mail, social media. And there’s a another option to share any web pages in your apps, Scroll to the right of this row and tap More to customise this list to show just the apps you want.

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