Features and things to know about iOS 9.2.1

iOS 9.2.1 is the latest update given by Apple to iDevice users, in this time iOS 9.2.1 is really amazing than other iOS updates that have being released by Apple community. The new iOS 9.2.1 is for most of iDevices now, as Phone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 9.2.1 is a really amazing update that have being composed with many of new features to the iOS lovers. After the release of this stunning version many iOS lovers converted their devices onto iOS 9.2.1. The new update has come with numerous new features and with several bug fixers.

When we talk about the iOS 9.2.1 update it is not a big one. But iOS 9.2.1 gives many new features to users. After the release of iOS 9.2.1 the update has being spread into many of iDevices. IPhone 6s, iPhone 6 iPhone 5, and of iPad’s (iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 2). When we talk about the performance of the iOS 9.2.1 it is superb. According to the users of iOS 9.2.1 they didn’t found any error when using the device. The security level of iOS 9.2.1 is also at a high point, because the iOS 9.2.1 update includes some security patches.


Features of iOS 9.2.1

When focused on features of iOS 9.2.1 there are really amazing. When giving attention to battery life in normal iDevices that is a really mess issue for all Apple users but in the iOS 9.2.1 it is really changed. The battery life of iDevices when the iOS 9.2.1 is composed its really amazing. Users can’t see any drain of battery life. If you are messed with battery life of your iDevice better to shift into iOS 9.2.1.

Some iDevices went very slow after some time of work and stuck in several times when you are using your iDevice, this issue is very annoying and disturb for users work, but with the new iOS 9.2.1 that issue is completely changed. Apple developers have being fixed this annoying issue. So now users can use iOS 9.2.1 without any debut.

In this time the connectivity issues also solve by Apple developers, in older versions of iOS   Wi-Fi, LTE and Bluetooth connectivity have several bugs. When Apple devices are come into iOS 9.2.1 this annoying issue also solved. Now users can enjoy the stable connectivity of Wi-Fi, LTE and Bluetooth.

No Longer Downgrade to iOS 9.2

Recently Apple community has being stop the signing off from iOS 9.2.1. from that point if your device will upgrade into iOS 9.2.1 your iDevice can’t downgrade. Later on the jailbreak tool for iOS 9.2.1 also not yet released officially so if you want to downgrade your iOS 9.2.1 deivce you have to wait until the next official iOS update or iOS 9.2.1 official jailbreak tool.

Negative points of iOS 9.2.1

As well as the new looking features of iOS 9.2.1 there are some negative points also found by several users. According to them some issues in Apple store, siri’s problems, iMessage, and lots more. Some other iOS 9.2.1 users complain about vibration problems and random crashes of Wi-Fi connectivity.

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