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Images on the web can be found in many different formats. But the format and the quality of that image decides the loading time and speed of most web pages. Through this article, we are going to discuss the WebP to JPG online converter, which enables images to be converted back and forth from WebP.

WebP to JPG

What is JPG?

There are many formats of images. But the most common format is the JPG. It is also known as the JPEG format. Joint Photographic Experts Group introduced JPG format of images and then was named after their group. JPEG is effective in many applications because it can retain much quality. But if you want to retain the quality, a comparatively large space is occupied by the JPEG than the WebP formats. Though it can be compressed into smaller sizes, it is not very suitable to be uploaded to web pages.

Using WebP directly in the web pages may slow down the pages dramatically. Therefore, WebP to JPG online converters are used to convert JPG to WebP as well. The ability to compressed into WebP images can be taken as an advantage of the JPG image format.

What is WebP?

If JPG image format has been already used in an image, we can convert it to a WebP to be uploaded to the web pages needed.

WebP is a special image format developed by the Google. This is not an original format of images. WebP are converted from other image formats such as JPG and PNG into WebP. When an image is converted to WebP, the size of that image is largely reduced. But the special property is that its quality is almost the same as the quality of the original image.

There are two types of WebP images as lossless and lossy compression. Lossless images are converted from JPEG images. Lossless compression allows images to be perfectly reconstructed without any changes form the compressed data. This a compression algorithm. The size of the image is reduced by about 26% from the original size.

The next type is lossy compression images. These are converted from the JPG images. The image size of the compressed images is reduced by around 24 – 34% from the original image size. The model used to convert JPEG are not much irreversible. But the quality may be a bit affected than the PNG images.

How to convert?

There are many ways to convert the WebP images back and forth from other images. One such technique which is very widely used is the WebP to JPG online converter. But also there are downloadable toolkits to convert many formats of images to WebP and WebP to many other image formats.

What is online converter?

There are many WebP to JPG online converters. These are mostly free tools which convert many image formats into WebP for free. But WebP is not supported in many desktop applications, not even Windows Photo Viewer. Therefore, WebP must also be converted to JPG and PNG to be used in general purpose application. That is why WebP to JPG converters are also used.

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