What is Li-Fi?

Have you ever tired with your current internet connection especially on your Wi-Fi connection? Looking for a better internet connection? The answer to your mess maybe Li-fi. Li-Fi can be named as the next generation of Wi-Fi. This new technology offers 100 times faster than Wi-Fi use in present. According to the scientist it has a speed up to 224 GB per second. This is really amazing.

The Li-Fi technology was firstly originated in 2011 German physicist Harald Haas. Li-Fi refers to visible light communications (VLC) technology, which delivers high-speed, bidirectional, networked mobile communications in a manner similar to Wi-Fi. It promises huge speed advantages, as well as more-secure communications and reduced device interference. The technology has been trialed by airlines, which want to use it to provide better in-flight connectivity, and intelligence agencies, which are interested in the potential of Li-Fi for secure wireless data transfers.

One of the big advantages of Li-Fi is, unlike Wi-Fi, it does not run with radio signals, so it could be utilized on aircraft and in other places.Mainly Li-Fi can be named as very secure than modern Wi-Fi and Li-Fi is having better control.


lifiAdvantages of Li-Fi

Low of cost – When using modern technology to get internet it have to pay many amount of money and have to run cables everywhere but instead of that Li-fi not to need run miles of cables because the LED-powered Li-Fi connection could be used to beam the information directly to the destination. With help of point to point array several buildings also can connected with each other without any physical connection.

Distance- At present the distance of  transmitting is become a huge problem to users, but with the new Li-Fi that problem has been solved somewhat. According to the developers of Li-Fi the range could be rise up to the strength of the light which is emitting the information. This can be named as a huge advantage to users.

High data transmission can be named as the major advantage of Li-Fi. It has the transmission power of up to 10Gbps. This is really stunning detail to the users.

According to the developers of Li-Fi produce a beam of light, but this not harmful for humans because human body concern of cell mutation are lower.

Downsides of Li-Fi

The Li-Fi technology works through light beams. So it didn’t work through walls. That means when you using Li-Fi in domestic environment that may be a problem for you. To feel seamless connection you have to use special type of LED bulbs throughout your house.

Another major issue is that Li-Fi didn’t work in outsides. That means Li-Fi can’t use in public places. Because Li-Fi’s employment in direct sunlight won’t be possible that will be a huge negative point for Li-Fi network.

The inventor of Li-Fi Professor Harald Haas says in the near future every LED bulb could be used for the Li-Fi network. Mr Haas said “In the future we will not only have 14 billion light bulbs, we may have 14 billion Li-Fi deployed worldwide for a cleaner, greener and even brighter future.”


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