Windows phone common issues and how to fix them.

Windows 8.1 phone is a well designed device with a stunning OS system that already can give a good competition to iphone and Aneroid. People more like windows phones because of attractive live tools and other interesting features. Windows phones are available in many brands such as Microsoft, Nokia, HTC.. etc.. Windows phones can be named as unfriendly devices that users can use them easily.

But there are some common issues that Microsoft Company still not fixed. Here are some common issues that windows phone users have complaining.



Random rebooting

Many of Windows phone users began to complain about random rebooting. This issue mostly common to Microsoft 435,535, 920, HTC 8x etc… these Windows phones would reboot automatically without any warning message.This is a huge mess to Windows users so if have this problem follow these solutions.


Microsoft cooperation releases new updates all of time with fixing like these bugs. Specially this rebooting issue. So you have to give new regular updates to your windows phone. To make sure you have the latest update go to settings>> phone updates>>check for updates and follow the steps.

• If the trouble didn’t fixed after the update try a factory reset. Before that you have to backup your files and apps. For that App list>> Settings>> Backup and choose app list + Settings and then backup. After that go to About>> Reset your phone and follow the commands.

Fast battery consuming

Some users complaining about their Windows phone’s battery life is running out quickly. This may be caused by allow apps to run in the background, turn on location service, turning on NFC, Wi-Fi, mobile data etc…


Turn on battery server. Go to Settings>> Battery server and turn it on. But when it turns on notifications will turns off as example notifications of WhatsApp, Viber, emails, Facebook, etc.. but you will still receive calls and texts. This feature allows you to preserve battery life.
• Turn off unnecessary sounds
Select only the sounds that you need. Go to Settings>> Ringtones+ Sounds and turn off unnecessary sounds like key pad tone, lock and unlock tones and camera shutter etc…With this option you can saves your battery somewhat.
• Turn off double tap to wake up phone option (only for Lumia)
This feature is can be named as a cool option for Lumia phones. But it damage to your battery life. You can use the power button for this option. If you can turn off that feature you can save battery life.

Black screen after making a call

Many Windows phone users are facing this problem of getting black screen when making a call. This makes the phone unresponsive, so it becomes a difficult to end the call because you can’t see anything on your screen.


• Press the power button twice to turn on the display back to live and you will have to end the call quickly.
• This issue is mostly likely related to the proximity sensor. So make sure your screen protector doesn’t cover the sensor.
• Presence of dirt or any marks over the sensor can cause for this issue. You can clean it using soft cotton or using compressed air on the top of the sensor.


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